New Horizon is a new non-denominational church in Lacey, Washington with a Christ centered message!

New Horizon (formerly known as College Street Christian Church) is a diverse community of Christ followers who believe that God’s love is available to every person, regardless of their past or present circumstances. We are on a journey with Jesus Christ. We have not arrived, and we welcome all who desire to take the journey with us. As followers of Jesus Christ, we fully believe that the spiritual transformation is experienced in our everyday lives by following our mission.

-Our Ministry Process-


Jesus said that the priority of our lives is to love God with all of our being. We express our love to God through a continual trust to put Christ first in everything by our willingness to obey Him. Without reservation and by honoring Him, we choose a lifestyle of worship where every daily activity is guided by Him and is also seen as an act of worship for His praise, glory and pleasure. Consistently expressing and experiencing personal and corporate worship, in its various forms, is the highest calling of every Christ follower. God’s desire is that we regularly experience and celebrate a loving relationship with Him through true worship and fellowship.


God has sent us into the world and into our community to be a positive influence and to make an eternal difference in people’s lives. Even through small acts of service, we seek to make our community a better place simply because we are here. So, as Christ followers we seek to impact our community by sharing His message of salvation and verifying it through service and life examples! We seek to make an eternal difference in our world through the multiplication of new church plants.


We are created for community. A key factor in allowing the Lord to transform our lives into the image of Christ is to build healthy relationships with other Christians. The influence of other believers in our lives is a necessary part of maturing spiritually. Without a personal connection with others in Christ’s body we lose our focus, stunt our spiritual growth, and diminish our opportunity to God’s purpose in our lives. Being an active part of a small group is vital in opening the doors of opportunity to express God’s unconditional love. The relationships we cultivate become our greatest opportunities to know God and experience Him more fully.


God’s ultimate desire is for us to be transformed into His image. He welcomes us just as we are, but loves us too much to let us remain the same without a higher knowledge, a better plan for our lives, and ways to revitalize and aid in transforming mankind for His Kingdom. Our main goal at New Horizon is to help transform people’s lives for eternity through the personal power of Jesus Christ. The process for that goal is to teach our people at every ministry level to unconditionally love God and others with all of our being by serving and sharing Christ.